Furnace Maintenance Services

Winter comes when you least expect it, so why wait until you're in the middle of it to get a furnace and heating maintenance check?

At Gladd HVAC, we don't just go through the regular checklist; we make sure the entire heating system is working. A perfectly good furnace is only as good as the system distributing the warm air.



Simi Valley, CA Heating Repair

All-Over Heating Maintenance

We don't leave stones unturned when we come by for our maintenance visit. We only see your furnace about once per year, so we want to make sure you're set for at least the next 365 days. Our entire heating maintenance service includes:

  • Thermostat checks and leveling
  • Air filter cleaning
  • A full inspection of electrical components, condenser coils / heat exchanger, refrigerant levels
  • Our 16-point Standard Tune-up package
  • Our VIP Maintenance Policy

Contact Us for Your Furnace Maintenance Needs Today

Save money on your heating bill and avoid the cost of a whole new unit just by calling us for regular maintenance. The process is so easy and affordable, you can really fit it into any busy and budgeted life.

Our business starts with our expert technicians, who we put through factory training and certification before they perform any type of warranty repair work. Don't let anyone touch yoru major brand furnace without their certification or you could lose both your furnace and your warranty! If we can't repair a part on your furnace, we'll fix or replace the broken, just as long as you are a regular maintenance customer. Plus, your Gladd Maintenance Membership will cover the parts and labor warranty for up to three years. What other furnace maintenance and repair service offers that kind of after care?

Don't sit around waiting for the cold season to someday pass. Give us a call today, and we'll get your furnace checked and in shape before the first signs of winter even appear.

Save money and avoid costly repairs with regular maintenance. Our services include thermostat checking and leveling, air filter cleaning, and inspection of electrical components, condenser coils / heat exchanger, refrigerant levels, a 16-point Standard Tune-up, and our VIP Maintenance Policy.