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Tinker with Your Thermostat Settings to Save on Energy Costs

When customers call us looking for ways to save money on their monthly energy bills, we usually give them two suggestions: change your air filter and adjust your thermostat settings.

Changing your air filter is a straightforward process, but figuring out the optimum settings for your thermostat can be a bit more complicated.

Use these tinkering tips to start saving money on heating and cooling costs:


Tinker with the Temperature

When we polled our Gladd technicians, they unanimously agreed on two temperature settings: 68 degrees in winter months and 78 degrees in summer months.


Did the thought of changing the temperature cause you to start sweating already? Don’t worry, these are just suggestions for default temperatures, especially when you are not at home. Adjusting the temperature by even one degree can significantly impact your monthly heating bill in a positive way. But, if you just can’t handle the heat, you can always manually adjust the temperature throughout the day or when you return home.


Tinker with the Time

Does your temperature preference change throughout the day? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could periodically change the temperature to fit your preference without you needing to ask? Well, a programmable thermostat can do just that!


A programmable thermostat allows you to schedule multiple temperature settings for different times of the day. That means you could set your thermostat to be a cozy temperature when you wake up, to turn off when you leave for work and to cool the house before you return home.


Adjusting the times that your HVAC unit is active throughout the day will save energy and money while you’re away, and help to resume a comfortable temperature before you get home. This will also prevent your system from working around the clock, which saves energy and money, while preserving the lifespan of your expensive equipment.


Turn off Your Tinkering

It’s almost summertime, which means it’s almost time for a family vacation. If you plan to be away for an extended period, make sure to give your HVAC system a break, too! Pocket the extra cash to spend on souvenirs by powering off your system before you hit the road.


If your furry family members are sitting this one out, run your unit at a higher or lower temperature depending on the season instead of turning it off.


Taking just a few minutes to tinker with the settings on your thermostat can make a big impact on your monthly savings. Not only will a few minor tweaks save money, but you can rest assured that you are making your home cleaner, greener and more environmentally-friendly.


Interested in finding more ways to save on your energy bill? Follow our blog for helpful tips.

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