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Small Energy-Saving Changes for Big Savings

Are you too scared to open your utility bill each month? You shouldn’t have to be. There are changes that you can make, big and small, that can have a positive impact on your monthly utility budget.


Some of the big things might seem intimidating, like investing in new, high-efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment. Luckily, it is not always necessary to make a big change. There are smaller adjustments that can be made without any added expense.


We have compiled a list of small changes that you can make to lower your monthly HVAC expenses.

- Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

- Adjust your thermostat. Raising the temperature in the summer and lowering in the winter, even by one degree, can make a noticeable difference at the end of the month.

- Check that all vents and registers are open and free of debris

- Ensure that the windows and doors of your home are sealed properly

- Remember to change your furnace filter.

- Make the switch to high-efficiency light bulbs.

- Add an extra layer to avoid using a space heater

- Make sure your ceiling fans spinning correctly for the season- clockwise during the winter (forcing warm air down) and counter-clockwise during the summer (pulls warm air up, producing a cool breeze).

- Check that your thermostat is set to “AUTO” instead of “ON.” That way it will turn on and off accordingly.

- Turn the dial on your washing machine to cold water.

- Shorten your shower time.

- Keep curtains open to let in heat, or closed to keep the room cool, depending on the season.

- Unplug appliances, like televisions, and coffee makers, when they aren’t in use. Appliances continue to use energy if they are plugged in even when they re not turned on.


For more energy-saving tips, check out our blog! If you have questions about your current system or energy use, we are Gladd to help! Give us a call to schedule a maintenance appointment to ensure your equipment is ready to tackle the summer heat.

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