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Simple Ways to Save Energy (and Money)

Did you know that the heating and air conditioning equipment in your home is your biggest consumer of energy - usually making up about 60% of your utility bills?

We are entering the time of year when your HVAC equipment will be used the most. So, now is the best time to begin efficiently managing your system, before the heat is too much to handle.


Here are a few tips for keeping utility bills low:


Set It & Forget It
Spring is fickle when it comes to temperature. Some days are hot, some days are cool. One day you need the A/C, one day you may not. It may not be the most popular choice, but it is best to pick a temperature, and commit to it. Constantly turning your air-conditioner on and off will be hard on your system and will increase your utility spending. Make the switch from heat to cooling mode once, and stick with it.


Keep it Clear
Take a moment to make sure that your condenser’s airflow is not blocked. If your system has to work too hard to draw air in, it won’t be able to work properly. We suggest keeping at least a two feet radius around the unit clear of any debris or plant-life.


Keep it Clean
A dirty filter can block airflow and increase the amount of energy your unit has to use to distribute air throughout your home. Make sure to change your filters at the beginning of each season to keep your unit performing efficiently.


Keep Windows Closed
Open windows can let in dust, dirt and allergens, this is a nightmare scenario for homeowners with allergies. Open windows can also result in longer running times for your air conditioner or furnace because the system may not be able to accurately read the temperature inside your home. 


Utilize Blinds & Curtains
Sunlight affects the temperature of a room. If it’s a bit too cold, open the blinds or curtains to let in the sunshine. If it’s a bit too warm, close them back up.


Open Registers & Vents
Make sure all registers and vents are open. It may seem like a good idea open and close them to control airflow, but it will negatively affect efficiency, increase utility bills, and damage your HVAC system.


Give your HVAC system the summer vacation it deserves! Schedule a maintenance appointment and ensure that your system is working properly before the heat of summer sets in. Call us today to schedule!

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