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How to Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning

The heat of summer is here. Some may choose to cool off at the pool, while others would rather enjoy the relief of a frozen beverage. But what happens when you come home and the heat follows? You walk to your thermostat and hit the switch for the A/C, only to discover… it doesn’t turn on.

Use these tips to stay cool while you wait for your trusted Gladd technician to save the day:


Cross-Breeze Cool Down

One of the easiest ways to cool down your whole house is by creating a cross-breeze. Move a fan near an open window at one end of your home, and then open windows on the other side of your home. The combination of outdoor air with the breeze the fan will produce a wonderful indoor breeze.


H20 Power

The most important way to beat the brutal temperatures of summer starts with staying hydrated. Cool your body from the inside out by drinking a glass of ice, cold water. The summer heat won’t stand a chance and your body will thank you.


Lights Out

Summer means more daylight. Take advantage of the additional natural light and reduce your carbon footprint by keeping lights off until the sun goes down. You can also save money and reduce energy use by unplugging non-essential electronics and appliances when no one is using them.  


Soothing Shower

Are you feeling hot and sticky during the day? Are you down to shorts and a tank top? Try taking a cold shower! The soothing cool water can reduce your body temperature and clean your skin of unwanted sweat.


Keep Out of the Kitchen

When it’s hot outside, don’t stay in and cook! The oven, stove, and grill generate even more heat inside your already ridiculously hot home. Go out and enjoy a date night at an air-conditioned restaurant. Are you on a strict budget? Try out a few no-bake recipes, like sandwiches or salads.


Pick Points

There are certain spots on your body that can cool you faster than others. Apply an ice pack to your wrist, neck, or elbows, where your pulse is easily detected for an ultra-fast temperature drop.


A day without air conditioning may seem like torture, especially during the hottest months of the year. Use these tips to stay cool until your experienced Gladd technician arrives.


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