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Homeowners Beware: DIY Projects to Avoid

In Southern California, we like to try new things. Many will search the Internet for new home improvement ideas. In order to stay on budget when surfing the net, some homeowners turn to DIY projects. But many don’t realize that quick fixes could be doing more harm than good.


At-Home Air Balancing

The idea of air balancing seems simple. If you want to adjust the amount of treated air in a room, just open/close your air vents, right? While this does change the amount of air entering the room, it also causes confusion for your system. Your A/C unit will continue trying to blow air through the closed vent, overworking your motor and shortening the life of your system. Instead, you may want to consider having your home properly zoned by a technician to secure consistent temperatures from room to room and floor to floor.


Let Your A/C Breathe

In order to prevent water and debris from entering the HVAC system, many homeowners will use plastic bags and tarps to cover their outdoor systems. While it is true that water/debris can erode expensive condenser parts, it is more important for your system to be able to breathe. If the condenser cannot access enough air to cool the refrigerant, the motor will quickly burn out. Instead, you may want to purchase a condenser cover that is designed to fit your unit. Covers usually have a latticework pattern that allows for breathing, while protecting your system from debris.


Blowing Out is for Candles

Many people don’t realize that air filters are an integral part of your HVAC system. It is important to keep them in excellent condition and to replace them when necessary. Unfortunately, in order to save money, some homeowners try to ‘blow out’ their filters with vacuums or air compressors. Usually the filter will appear clean, but underlying dust and dirt can quickly morph into aggressive mold. This could lead to costly replacements or system failure. Instead, make sure to schedule a regular cleaning for your system at the change of each season.


It is easy to think that a quick fix we see on the Internet can be completed in our own homes. But don’t be fooled in to making a costly mistake. Before beginning a DIY task on your HVAC system, make sure to research all aspects of your undertaking. And, if you are already stuck, don’t worry—we are Gladd to help. Contact us today! 

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