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5 Ways to Save Money While Enjoying Your Summer

Summer is here! And while it may be tempting to spend all of your days tanning on the beach with a good book, we don’t want you to forget that there are summertime expenses that can really pile up if we aren’t paying attention.

Here are 5 ways to save money over the summer season, from our expert technicians:


Say No to Air-Conditioning

Living in Southern California means that we know summer is the hottest time of the year. While we don’t think you should sweat it out all season, the longer you blast ice cold air into your bedroom, the higher your bills will be at the end of the month. Instead, keep your air-conditioner off until the hottest parts of the day. You could also turn on a fan to keep air circulating, or even better, go outside and enjoy some fresh air!


Seize the Day (light)!

Summer means that it stays light outside until late in the day. Take advantage of the extended hours by keeping your lights off. Less time using indoor lights means a lower electricity bill at the end of each month.


Allow Air-Drying

It’s hot out, why use the dryer when you can save money by air-drying your clothes outdoors in the summer heat. This will cut back on electricity usage, and give your clothes the refreshed feeling of just getting back from the beach.


Solar Solutions

Have you considered switching your outdoor lighting to solar power? It’s a cost-effective change that starts with a quick trip to your local home & garden outlet. This change is not just good for your electricity bill – it’s good for the environment too!


Find & Fill

We’re not trying to cool the whole neighborhood! Find and fill pesky cracks by inspecting doorways and windows for improper insulation. The thresholds of your home are notorious for letting your A/C’s cold air out into the world. Visit your local hardware store for affordable fixes that will keep your home cool and comfortable!


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