Air Conditioning Maintenance

It's the middle of the afternoon and it's blistering hot outside - the kind of  hot where you can fry eggs on the sidewalk. Your air conditioner rattles, rumbles, then stops. It doesn't matter how quickly you rush around and close the blinds, the heat gets inside your house. Soon you're uncomfortable, your skin sticking to the leather couch, sweat dripping down your forehead. It's time to give us a call for your air conditioning repair.



Simi Valley, CA AC Repair and Installation

How Do We Repair Your Air Conditioner?

We're a family owned business with 30 years of experience in the air conditioning repair business. We know exactly what it will take to get your air conditioner running again. When you call us, we'll send one of our certified technicians out to inspect your air conditioner. We'll look for obstructions, refrigerant leaks, and component failure. As our technicians don't work on commission, you'll be given an honest estimate with flat rate pricing, and we'll have you cooling down as soon as possible.

What About Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Of course, if you'd rather avoid dealing with a last minute repair, you can always schedule routine air conditioning maintenance. We'll come over and clean your air filter, inspect all of the electrical components, check your refrigerant levels, and perform our 16 point standard tune up. Thanks to our VIP Maintenance Policy, we can ensure your air conditioner is working to the peak of its ability year round.

Our Guarantee to You

Our business starts with our technicians. All of our technicians are factory trained and certified to perform any type of warranty repair for most of the major air conditioning brands. Should we be unable to successfully complete the repair, our technician will fix or replace the part at no charge - so long as you're keeping your system properly maintained. As an added bonus, if you become a Gladd Member, your Gladd Maintenance Membership will cover the parts and labor warranty for up to three years.

Don't sit around dying of heat. Give us a call today, and we'll get your air conditioner in Simi Valley, CA working again.